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Dog Collar - Zigzag White Maasai

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PLEASE check our size guide & measure your dog's neck before ordering:

Size Guide


All our Dog Collars are made with hard-wearing, Kenyan, natural, free-range, beef leather and finished on the inside with a soft, goat-skin lining. The sturdy, solid brass hardware is hand cast by local artisans using recycled brass. They are beautifully hand-beaded with 100% glass beads, and then hand-stitched to make them exceptionally strong and long lasting. Every dog collar comes with a beaded bone charm. All our collars tell a story, some inspired by the beautiful tribal patterns of East Africa such as those of the Maasai, Pokot, Turkana, Samburu, Bajuni, or Akamba, amongst many more, while other beading patterns like Rafiki, Kilimanjaro or Blue Nile are a contemporary take on traditional East African beadwork. We also pay tribute to some of the S.W. Native American beadwork in patterns like Mesa, Santa Fe, Geronimo and Kiowa.

Size Guide

Neck Sizes:

Miniature: 24-31cm, 9-12"

Small: 28-39cm, 11-15"

Small Skinny: 28-39cm, 11-15"

Medium: 36-46cm, 14-18"

Medium Skinny: 36-46cm, 14-18"

Large: 42-52cm, 17-21"

Extra Large: 51-61cm, 20-24"

Small Lurcher: 27-38cm, 11-15"

Large Lurcher: 36-46cm, 14-18"

Collar Width dimensions:

Miniature: 2cm, 3/4"

Small: 2.5cm, 1"

Small Skinny: 2cm, 3/4"

Medium: 3cm, 1"

Medium Skinny: 2cm, 3/4"

Large: 4cm, 1.5"

Extra Large: 4cm, 1.5"

Small Lurcher: 2-5.5cm, 3/4-2"

Large Lurcher: 2.5-6cm, 1-2.5"