5 reasons you need a dog car seat

5 reasons you need a dog car seat

1. The law

You could be breaking the law in the UK if you don't follow the rules set out by the Highway Code for travelling with dogs. It states that dogs travelling in the car must be suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you or themselves if you stop quickly.  Breaking the Highway Code can result in a fine and penalty points.

2. Your car insurance

If your dog was loose in the car and you were in an accident, not only would you put you, your dog and any passengers at risk, but your insurance could be invalidated and they may not pay out.

3. Your's and your dog's safety

A study from Volvo* shows that allowing a dog to roam freely in the car while driving led to significantly more unsafe driving behaviours, more time distracted and increased stress on both drivers and dogs. An unrestrained dog increases distractions in the car and means you're more likely to have your hands off the wheel, eyes of the road and mind off the task of driving - all of which can lead to devastating consequences.

4. Your dog’s comfort

Some dogs take to the car like a duck to water but others dread the experience and whine, drool or even vomit, either due to motion sickness or anxiety relating to the car. Having a comfortable bed that raises them up can help alleviate those travel stresses and helps make them feel safe and secure.

5. Protecting your car

We all love our dogs, but we don't always love the mess they pick up on walks and the hair they shed whilst wriggling around. A car seat helps keep your seats and vehicle clean, and as all of our Where's Winnie car seat covers are washable, if the muddy paw marks get too much, you can chuck it in the wash!

Bonus reason

A Where's Winnie car seat doubles up as a comfy bed for when you get to your destination so no need to pack a bed too.

* Volvo study can be found here.